In the eye of the storm

NORWEGIAN PSYCHADELIC SPACE ROCKERS ELECTRIC EYE drop their second album ‘Different Sun’, on Feb 5th 2016:













DIFFERENT SUN bears all the hallmarks of a band taking the widening parameters of Rock further than the usual over-hyped noise terrorists.  Warping in and out of a handful of eclectic styles and sounds, Norway’s Electric Eye maraud with dissonance and where similar bands remain content with the heads-down-amps-up approach, this crew take the Rock blueprint and drop kick it into tomorrow.

Akin to The Grassy Knoll, this second album is drenched in tape echo, sitar sounds and backward guitar solos that bend and break into a psychedelic rollercoaster of moods and oscillations.  As musical projects go its well constructed and absorbing, if a little frivolous.  Their untrammelled rhythms are uncommon and omnipotently compelling, making this the perfect antitode to another day of ‘corporate Rock’ boredom.  Turn on and wig out! (8)




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