LIVE: FAILURE @ the Electric Ballroom

Dec 2nd 2015
London Electric Ballroom
Words and photos: Bros. Fletcher

DESPITE THE GLARING MIS-MATCH of supporting Swedish hardcore-punks Refused, LA alt-rock stalwarts FAILURE (9) delivered a sharp set of fan favourites to a three quarter full Electric Ballroom, reminding us all why its so good to have them back and why they’re so revered as masters of their craft.

Failure live Electric Ballroom








Buoyed by the natural amplification of their surroundings, lead singer Ken Andrews leads his compadres through a tight-as-a-monkey’s-nuts set list, almost motionless throughout, only interacting with the audience when he needs to, pausing for an occasional throat refresher or a switch of guitars.  It’s easy to digest and damn good to see them in the flesh at last.









Despite bouncing by in an expertly delivered blur, the set includes early cuts like fan favourites ‘Pillowhead’ and ‘Frogs’, which sit comfortably alongside oscillating newys like ‘Hot Traveller’ and ‘A.M Amnesia’.  They’re barely breaking sweat as they rely on dynamic song writing philosophies and musical self-awareness to do the talking.

IMG_8917Before we know it, the slow-motion hulking groove of ‘Heliotropic’ is closing us out, Andrews and co carefully placing down their instruments before bidding a fond farewell with simple thanks and a wave.  Over to you Refused, it’s been a pleasure. IMG_8954




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