(Out Now on PIAS)
IT’S THE STORY EVERY BAND FRESH OUT OF UNCLE SAM’S SURBURBIA is telling right now….Got together in small town America whilst still learning how to shave, played the fleapit circuit to clinch that all important Indie deal, spent time with the likes of The Subways, Twenty One Pilots, Broncho and played The Great Escape festival; now waiting for the critical plaudits and royalties to roll inYeah, on paper Texan trio Purple are no different from the hundered or so yank bands that crossed your path last week.  On record though, they’ve sprung a bit of a surprise…

Naturally, you don’t have to work too hard to spot everyone listened to in between checking their acne – the usual LA suspects, a dash of Hole here, a twist of Bikini Hill there.  What separates Purple from the po-faced pack, though, is a keen sense of riotous melody (the hooks they sprinkle through Wallflower and standout New Born are Pop-sharp), a desire to step away from formula (the grungy Head On The Floor and breathless six-minute closer DMT) and a consistent knack for penning brash and insistent three-minute tunes (Leche Loco, Target).

409 aint gonna change your life, but it’ll happily sit on your stereo more than once.  And right now, you couldn’t ask for more.  (7)



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