kill it kid‘YOU OWE NOTHING’
(Out Nov 10th on Sire)
TAKING THEIR CUES FROM LANDMARK AMERICAN BLUES, British quartet Kill It Kid have their finger on the pulse of mesmerising backwood 60’s sounds that have influenced the likes of Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones.  Lost legacies only to be found at the back of dusty vinyl bargain basements, it’s a sound suited to portrayal and presentation, with all the drama of a tight and cathartic late night rock ‘n’ roll encounter.

Restless, sharp and boasting like a bull on a cold winters morning, You Owe Nothing is chock full of tasty cuts meaty enough to recreate, and give bands like Band of Skulls a good run for their money.  We’d go as far to say it’s way better than Himalayan and easily one of the most instantaneous and urgent releases we’ve heard since.  Conducted by the consumate tones of vocalist Chris Turpin, who’s raw refrain is as genuine as his antecendents, we kick off with Black It Out and High Class, both muscular proclamations of purpose that agitate and inspire, before Sick Case of Loving You and the excellent ballad Caroline continue to intoxicate.  Engaging from the off, only the closed or ignorant could deny the hooks on Tired Of The Way You Want To Live and Blood Stop And Run as anything but razor sharp and deadly enough to despatch the deadliest of adversaries.

Co-vocalist Stephanie Ward adds a parallel tone akin to a young Billie Holiday, complimenting the chunky riffs on cuts like Don’t It Feel Good, while carefully floating beneath the tender refrains of Tried Used Loved Abused.  Such is her exquisite power we’re treated to nostalgic and recurrent acoustic album closer Law of Love to provide a tender conclusion to an album bristling with life, exuberance and more importantly, stamina.  With the right exposure, this should fly.  (8)






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