(Out Now on KScope)
As time has gone on Bruce Soord has realised he can say whatever he wants.  Multi-intrumentalist and lead singer of British Prog-Rock pioneers The Pineapple Thief, Soord is finally realising the culmination of years of intuitive chemistry and inspriational ideas, all very skillfully played out across a variety of musical journey’s few can accept let alone understand.  Taking another step aside from protracted jams, the band are able to deliver so much more now within a much shorter period of time, making album number ten a concise collection of emotive and soulful songs that should continue to move the band forward expeditiously.

Simple As That is a jarring opener followed swiftly by the pure dynamics of Alone At Sea and Don’t Tell Me, songs of loss and remorse, eased by uplifting moods and atmospheres.  Much like their label mates, TPT do drama, in huge spades, and where Soords incisive guitar work provides the foundation, its the work of new sticksman Dan Osborne and the ivory tinkerings of Steve Kitch that set the pace and tone.

A languid title track drops down the gears to a comfortable cruise, before Coming Home builds tension with a haunting vocal hook and sweeping harmonics.  It feels very nearly complete, by Soords hugely personal standards and it’s not until The One You Left To Die and Sense Of Fear eventually drown you in the realisation this is probably their best work to date, that his visions become clear.  Despite few minor moments of ordinary, Magnolia is highly accomplished and destined to excite.  Only the unreasonable would have the nuts to argue.  (8)


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