GaslightAnthem-GetHurt-PackShot‘Get Hurt’
(Out Now on Virgin)
A TGA BREAKUP ALBUM FOLKS.…ok bear with it.  In frontman Brian Fallon’s own words, the album can be described as “completely different than anything we had ever done before”.  Quite a statement considering the success of 2012’s critically acclaimed and commercially successful Handwritten.  With former Arctic Monkeys producer Mike Crossey at the controls, their fifth album has plenty of ballsy riffs as you would expect, TGA fans need not fear (tinkling xylophones aside).

The overwhelming shadow of Fallon’s divorce looms large over Get Hurt, and while it does seem to be the most personal TGA album to date, his lyrics when expressing his relationship angst are no doubt emotive, but fall deep into self pitying territory.  On the title track, Fallon sniffs through the tears to play the victim, “I came here to get hurt / Might as well do your worst to me.” Boo hoo.

If any Gaslight aficionados were expecting Get Hurt to be punk-orientated, sadly you’re out of luck.  Play ‘Rollin and Tumblin’ on repeat, it could easily find a home on “The 59 Sound” or “Sink or Swim”.  As a complete album though it feels disjointed.  No song on here is a shocker and its problem is there are too many tracks destined for the pile marked ‘forgettable’.  Let’s call it a grower and move on.  (6)



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