lonely the brave‘The Day’s War’
(Out Sept 1st on Hassle Records)
TALK ABOUT EXPECTATIONThe hype surrounding this record has been nothing short of delirium.  Initially sheduled for a June release, The Days War is this years Reflektor, or…Like Clockwork.  Not in musical similarity, but assumption, and anticipation.  If there’s any justice in this world, it could be equally as huge because after a truly engaging EP, this absorbing debut LP draws from diverse sources and carries a vibe of ‘current’, pure melodic and anthemic guitar Rock that’s never one-dimensional and never resorts to the plagiarism that plagues our airwaves today.

Hailing from Cambridge, UK, this five piece is already squarely on the map that matters, having played Download, due at Reading & Leeds, supported Bruce Springsteen at the Olympic Park and opened for Deftones; their’s is an un-paralleled and rapid ascent that could make them one of the biggest bands on the planet.

The guitars are given free rein, launching themselves out of the speakers with the brash confidence of those who know they’re on to a winner – ‘Trick of the Light’, ‘Backroads’ and ‘Islands’ all endowed with the sort of combative six string feast that permeates the whole of this record.  Even at a slower pace they earn kudos; ‘Dinosaurs’ and ‘The Blue, The Green’ both creepy passages on which lead singer David Jakes demonstrates an impressive degree of versatility.  In fact its the strength in Jakes’ vocal that elevates this band from favourable, to utterly fundamental.  The only touchstone I can find is a young Eddie Vedder, or The Boss himself.  His vocals soar throughout, the lyrics dripping in raw emotion as he delivers near perfect refrains – “Let’s meet the mountains and see what they heard.  I’ll be the sky and you’ll be the bird”. 

Contrasting highspots emerge, sauntering on assured guitar motifs that spin comfortably into the brain – ‘Deserter’, ‘Victory Line’ and ‘Black Saucers’ see the band wring out every drop of passion before balancing the darker side of music’s nature with a warm acoustic title track and exhaustive closer ‘Call of Horses’.  This is a healthy, assured, ball-breaking debut from an act laden with promise but more importantly, craft and know-how.  Expect their star to shine particularly brightly this year.  (9)



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