johngarcia‘John Garcia’
(Out Now on Napalm)
THE CHANCES OF JOHN GARCIA TURNING THE TIDE, running with convention to play half assed Punk or Pop-Rock, are thankfully slim to none.  Few things you can count on these days, but one of the most distinctive voices in Rock will always relentlessly dispatch huge chunky Rock workouts to stir up more dust than a Californian sandstorm.  Whatever this man turns his hand to is generally solid gold, despite being forever in the shadow of his Kyuss roots.  Often a victim of his own success, Garcia’s various incarnations have retained that singular snarl, yet Hermano aside, often paled in comparison to his formative years.

Thankfully, solo LP no.1 gives it a damn good shot and is right up there with …Into The Exam Room and …And The Circus Leaves Town as an experimental and totaly convincing stoner Rock record that’s big and strong enough to wrestle a rhino.  First class, catchy numbers cruise between Classic Rock and concise stoner to spread like a deadly infection.  Take opener ‘My Mind’ with its rolling bassline, ground shaking road-riffs and Garcia screaming at the top of his lungs ‘what the hell are saying, who the hell are you talking to, won’t you leave me alone’, or ‘Flower’, which packs a riff clean enough to make Brent Hinds green with envy.

As well as the ability to nail your balls to the wall, Garcia posesses a natural calm with which to coax and coerce. The very best grooves build from a sidewinding riff, swing like a hookers arse before racing off into the sunset, arms aloft.  Both ‘The Blvd’ and ‘His Bullets Energy’ show Garcia’s innate musicianship and a fine ear for dusty, leather clad classics big enough to appeal to Kyuss and QOTSA fans alike.  The cuts keep coming and the trio of ‘Argleben’, ‘Saddleback’ and ‘All These Walls’ is a creative peak; the latter boasting a piledriving riff that could drill for oil.  How do you add to a stellar repetoire and an already burgeoning arsenal of multi-faceted Rock success?  Pull a few friends together and round out a solo masterpiece, what else?  (9)




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