riseagainst‘The Black Market’
(Out Now on Interscope)
SELF-AWARENESS, ACCORDING TO JOHN LOCKE depends on consciousness, not substance.  The seventh LP from American Punk Rock band Rise Against, according to lead singer Tim McIllrath, explores introspection through political and personal experiences.  With over 15 years in the business and multi-million album sales, it would seem this band has an understanding for their own recognition.  With intensely melodic strains and riding choruses, Rise Against once again greet their audience with repeated acts of consciousness.

Though The Black Market is, as expected, riddled with angst ridden anthems like ‘The Great Die-Off’ and ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore’, both throat wrenching sing-alongs that are as heroic as they are rebellious, it also delves into a forte for huge and stimulating vocal hooks that bury deep and threaten never to resurface.  There’s a surplus of symphonic crops, like ‘Tragedy + Time’ that very occassionally get exiled in their own instrumentation, but boy can McIllrath burn his lungs out.  A forgettable title track bleeds into ‘The Eco-Terrorist In Me’, a destructive Punk-Rock tidal wave, while‘A Beautiful Indifference’ and ‘Methadone’ are closely intertwined, almost tactlessly merging into one.

Clutching the Hard-Rock side of songwriting they preserve the Punk-Rock edge still coursing through their veins.  Tracks like ‘Zero Visibility’, ‘Awake Too Long’ and the closing ‘Bridges’ could alone start a revolution and while their contemporaries continue to lack the assurance and much coveted substance, with The Black Market Rise Against continue to show they still have both, in spades. (8)



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