overkill‘White Devil Armory’
(Out July 22nd on eOne Music)
IN A WORLD FULL OF CHANGE THERE IS ONE CONSTANT – Overkill. Since their debut Feel The Fire dropped back in ’85, the New Jersey natives have been ignoring fashionable trends to continually release albums of the Blue-Collar Thrash they originally invented.  What makes them so unique – apart from Charly the batwinged-skull logo – is that they’ve never deviated from their sound.  Unlike the plethora of contemporaries, there’s nothing in this back catalogue for fans to cringe at and if anything, they’ve been on something of a roll since 2010’s Ironbound.

White Devil Armoury marks their 17th studio release and sees the band build on recent momentum with what is undoubtedly their best work in years.  All the hallmarks are there – Blitz Ellsworth’s unique vocal, the ultra-heavy grinding bass of DD Verni, stalwart thrashers Dave Linsk and Derek “The Skull” Tailer on guitars and more recent recruit Ron Lipniki on drums – each component giving fresh impetus to stand-out cuts like the thrash-tastic opener Armoury, the puck-esque Pig and the signature-sound powered Bitter Pill. This is a band still on top of their game and it’s this energy that shines through.  Not content to trade off nearly 30 years in the business and a back catalogue of monster LP’s like Powersurge or Rotten To The Core, they’ve evolved within their own sound, surprising us all with an unrelenting conveyor belt of cuts to add to the towering pile marked ‘classics’.

White Devil Armoury represents a sonic-high watermark worthy of the crest and if you give it more than a minute, it’s clear it’s all business.  No musical red herrings and nothing less than 110% tried and tested Thrash Metal, which will delight die hard fans and the uninitiated alike.  You don’t open a favourite beer and wonder what it’ll taste like; by remaining true to their original core, Overkill are perhaps more relevant now than they’ve ever been.  (9)



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