electricriverELECTRIC RIVER – ‘The Faith And Patience’
(Out Now on Cadiz Music)
THERE IS A RESURGENCE of Indie and Hard Rock passion in Electric River and this Kent quartet’s latest release, The Faith And Patience gets the steam running from the off with ‘Calling Out’.  A tune with deep U2 roots, all structured theatrical vocals and reverb guitar hooks: convincingly Edge-like and thriving in celtic genius. The blistering fruit of ‘Chorus of Fire’ doesn’t fall too far from the Joshua Tree either, while ‘Keep The Engine Burning’ has vocals straight out of the Mike Ness of Social Distortion, or Brian Fallon school of dinstinction.

Equipped with Folk Rock riffs and assaulting drums, ER creates concrete highway cruisin’ music that’s like a punk rebirth of Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Donning an acoustic outro, ‘Leap of Faith’s brilliant progressions could sustain quite easily as an unplugged session.
Then at the albums core falls the Springsteen swagger of ‘In Your Name’.  Two and a half minutes of arena rocking ‘Electric River Street Band’, destined to command any stage and sell out arenas.

‘The Fixer’ meanwhile bleeds out of the preceeding cut almost in one long jam session, while ‘Cold’ sees the band stroll back on to the U2 block a little too easily.  In contrast ‘The Garden Will Grow’ has a distinct frigidity that threatens to kill the party, before the aquatic themed ‘Water Song’ soulfully closes out the album with speciality post-country licks and endearing guitar slides.  The duct coursing through this album might meander at times, but there’s a gigantic undercurrent that carries the listener towards humble yet richly rewarding consequences.  (7)



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