crowbarCROWBAR – Symmetry In Black
(Out Now on eOne Music)
IF THERE’S ONE BAND IN METAL that’s slipped under the radar for years and yet are still treasured by their fans, it’s surely Crowbar.  Three years since 2011’s “Sever the Wicked Hand”, they’re bringing back their unique brand of Sludge Metal with a crunching riff monster of an album that will see die hard fans salivating and the unacquainted running for cover.

Frontman and sole-survivor Kirk Windstein has battled personal demons and seems to have channeled the experiences into what just might be Crowbar’s best opus in a career stretching back to ’91. Hailing from New Orleans, Crowbar embraced and helped to form Sludge Metal, with it’s slow riffs and distorted punk undertones, there’s no flair, it’s all business and you can feel the heat from the off, as ‘Symmetry in White’, ‘Teach the Blind to See’ and ‘The Piety of Self-Loathing’ soon to be fan favorites, burn into you.

Each new cut carrying all the trademarks; low slung, spiteful, heavy riffs behind Windstein’s hoarse vocals which are on the one hand laced with cut-throat energy, then at times displaying unexpected fragility – such as the mid-point ‘Amaranthine’.  The crushing signature sound is at its peak on Symmetry in Black, the band’s most diverse yet cohesive release yet. Co-produced with fellow New Orleans resident Duane Simoneaux, and mixed by Josh Wilbur, whose credits include Lamb Of God, Gojira and Killer Be Killed, they’ve done a great job of capturing the vibe with no clean overdubs, just pure grime and grind!

Hope ya’ love it slow, hard and heavy, because Symmetry In Black is enough to prove the rebirth of CROWBAR is finally upon us. (8)



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