SSG---Blowout-artworkwebTHE SO SO GLOS – ‘Blowout’
(Out Now on Votiv / Caroline)
THEY MAY BE FROM THE STREETS OF NEW YORK, but The So So Glo’s sound precincts music from across the pond. On their latest LP the band indulges in a steady genius of English Indie injected with American Rock and Punk.  There’s no initial puncture in Blowout, thanks to intro ‘Son of an American’, which blends East Coast hostility with West Coast grooves.  Think Kinks, with a modern face-lift. ‘House of Glass’ pays worship to The Cure’s Boy’s Don’t Cry with its moniker riff dwelling in Squeeze’s Slightly Drunk.  The snarky vocals of ‘Diss Town’ tread in the bloody water of Vampire Weekend and PUP, while the main guitar progression mocks the Foo Fighters’ Times Like These.  The title track rumbles like a wrestling match between VW and Iggy Pop and the Stooges with Oingo Boingo as the special guest referee, while ‘Wrecking Ball’ is the ultimate summer party track for reaking havoc and misbehaving ruthlessly. As the album spins forward their punk edgefades a little and hovers towards a more Neon Trees indie feel.  ‘Speakeasy’ sounding like an Apple ad while ‘All of the Time’ is a feverish 60’s love song and the pop-rock highlight ‘Island Ridin’ coasts in as if Elvis Costello grew up in Brooklyn and used public transportation.  It’s not until the album closer ‘Everything Revival’ that the band truly unveils it’s blowout hit, via fuzzy guitars and smooth handclaps, listeners will hear a defiant Cars influence.  Though sections could be classed as so-so, Blowout still deserves to catch your sunshine this season.  (7)


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