NN FINALS16 Med (credit_ Jody Domingue)

(photo credit: Jody Domingue)

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas NOTHING MORE is a four-headed musical hydra that runs on frenetic passion, unswerving DIY spirit and relentless sonic experimentation. Part Mars Volta-esque prog rock freak out part schizoid System Of A Down weird-isms, part effortless pop nous, they seamlessly barrel from churning headbang to skyscraping chorus and back again in the blink of an eye.

NOTHING MORE are part of a new generation of rock stars who are unconcerned with fabricated notions of how and where they might fit in or what the hottest trend is, but simply focused on making honest, passionate art with real intent. “When we first started, we branded ourselves on the arm after each year of touring, so we’ve all got these scars now, reminding us of the commitment we made to each other. We want to be a church for people who don’t believe the things that churches believe” commented singer Jonny Hawkins.

The band have just inked a deal with Allen Kovac’s Eleven Seven Music Group, who fought off fierce competition for their signatures. Kovac commented that “we signed them to a 5 album guaranteed contract, the whole world is buzzing about this band, with everyone from radio programmers to promoters to music magazines agreeing that a special band has arrived”

NOTHING MORE is set to take over the airwaves with their upcoming, self-titled debut album in June this year. The first track is already trending at No, 20 at Rock Radio in the US after only 3 weeks. Listen here: “This Is The Time (Ballast)” here:

Capable of bombastic bounce that hits as hard as an uppercut to the jaw when they fancy it, the boys from The Alamo City are equally able to dial down their bluster into deft moments of crystalline beauty when the mood takes them. It’s a gut-punching blend made all the more powerful by a keen lyrical sophistication and philosophical undertone which both belies their years and marks them out from their contemporaries.

Like all the best bands, NOTHING MORE formed initially as school kids. Kids whose aspirations were as serious then as they are now, and whose early development took place against a backdrop of suburban boredom and rabid musical obsession.

In the live arena, NOTHING MORE are absolute animals. Raw aggression crashes alongside precise riffing, thunderous bass and nigh on tribal percussion to jaw-dropping effect. They’ve grown through the grassroots by dripping blood sweat and tears across America, challenging the stereotypes of what you might think a band like this can incorporate into their show. Four way drum battles? Check. Three members playing one bass guitar? Check. These guys push the limits in more ways than one.



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