shevilsSHEVILS – ‘Lost In Tartarus’
(Out Now)
HEY BUDDY! YOU IN THE BULLSHIT NU-NU-METAL SHIRT! You want cool? You’re looking the wrong way. Because along with Wolves Like Us, this band could be one of the best things to emerge from Norway in a long time. They do this Hardcore thing better, and harder, and with more style, more decadence, more elegant chaos than any whey-faced American could hope to in a decade of trying. Just listen to ‘Black Eyes’, ‘Timelines’ and ‘State of Regret’ and try arguing.

From humble beginnings Shevils have developed into an impressive quasi-Hardcore act, blessed with the energy and social conscience of Biohazard and the more melodic sensibilities of Helmet. Lost In Tartarus was released late last year and somehow passed us by.  We’re super stoked it found its way here, because as a slab of groove-laden Rock that presents new riches at every spin, it should see them jostling right at the top for a piece of the hard-edged action. Full stream below.  (8)


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