nothingNOTHING – ‘Guilty Of Everything’
(Out Now on Relapse)
METALLIC SHOEGAZE IS NOT EXACTLY A HACKNEYED TAG.   In fact, we’d go as far to say you’re reading this now thinking we’ve just made up a new classification.  But as sure as the air we breathe, Philadelphia’s Nothing play ear destroying blends of darkly captivating vocals on walls of magnetic guitar, that you might have heard back in early 90’s, had the likes of Chapterhouse been brave enough to turn up the fuzz.  The only contemporary act we can think of daring enough to do something this singular, would be Scottish Alt-Rock band Aereogramme.

The brainchild of Domenic Palermo, Nothing takes an extrasensory blueprint and embellishes with abundant contemplation, through hypnotic and swirling guitar heavy enough to drown the Kracken.  Debut Guilty of Everything is not like most of the music that surrounds us today.  By remaining exclusive in a modern context, it retains a sense of continuity from a scene that has witnessed a re-emergence, but has never sounded so convincing.

Beginning with Hymn To The Pillory, who’s opening 30 seconds sound palpably transmitted from source, gradually opens out through tightly wound grunge guitar and a sense of youthful expression that’s hugely engaging.  Their mix of dark and light executed peerlessly and most notably two tracks in, the sweeping Dig sounds so wonderfully 90’s, with a hook only Kevin Shields would knowingly understand.  Taking that MBV sense of style and emotional connection, they shift focus effortlessy, into the darker numbers Bent Nail and Endlessly; both distinct and deliciously languid.  And the pacier Get Well rattles a few more cages before a surging Beat Around The Bush, with an electronic core, ensures everyone is still taking notice.

Closing with the hallucinogenic epic B&E, with its mercilessly scything guitar, and a sedative title track is a testimony to the originality of this band.  Not an easy one to master this, but Nothing have come up with a debut to dazzle all doubters.  (8)



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