theintersphereTHE INTERSPHERE – ‘Relations In The Unseen’
(Out March 7th on Long Branch Records / SPV)
APPROPRIATELY NAMING THEIR NEW ALBUM Relations in the Unseen, German act The Intersphere are looking to build on the success of Hold On, LIberty!  Naming it ‘Relations In The Unheard’ would have been a tremendous fabrication.  What is immediately apparent, is how similar The Intersphere are to some other very familiar groups.  The opening title track is amply the most introspective, frantically convulsing like an ill-tempered Finch song from Say Hello to Sunshine. This group propels itself into the nu-nu-metal genre and a Finch rip-off band would normally be very inviting. Instead, it all comes across as an ode to Chicago’s Fall Out Boy.

‘Thanks For Nothing’ rocks like ‘Thanks For The Memories’ while surfing on the guitar waves of Weezer.  Singer Christoph Hessel’s vocals daring like Patrick Stump and at times, it’s as if the multi-talented frontman has taken a guest spot.  The tepid rock ballad ‘The Ones We Never Knew’ combines Maroon 5 with Guns N Roses and spits out a guitar riff that slithers like snake charmer music.  Danceable cut ‘Panic Waves’ is 80’s new wave re-mastered with Panic! At the Disco thrills; throw in NY’s Head Automatica and listeners will have themselves a frightful fiesta.  ‘Joker’ misses the punch line though and delivers no laughs, courtesy of the beyond obvious continued similarities to FOB.

‘Tonight’ is a perfect representation of the album’s main issue – the intro is great and the ending is enjoyable, but the space between is burdensome.  Remove the male vocals and it could double as a Paramore hit.  Even ‘Walk on Broken Glass’ is derivative and almost turns Coldplay’s ‘Speed of Sound’ into yet another FOB approved chorus.  Clearly they find kinship in the commercial appeal of popular bands, but its a dangerous endeavour as this album lacks its own individuality and their energy is ultimately left without a vision of identity.  (5)




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