brawlersBRAWLERS – ‘I Am A Worthless Piece of Shit’
(Out March 3rd on Alcopop)
THERE’S NOTHING TOO SCRAPPY about how Brawlers attack their music. When the Punk gets rough, they seal the cracks with cemented pop melodies. If a tune feels clean cut, this Leeds based Punk crew deliver quick jabs to leave knuckles and noses bloody.  At just over 15 minutes, this EP lays bare Brawlers’ marauding musical warfare tactics.

‘Mothers and Fathers’ is their ‘Clash City Rockers,’ complete with simple as a pimple guitar progressions; a throwback that rocks like a hit from MxPx’s The Ever Passing Moment or Green Day’s Nimrod.  ‘Instagram Famous’ sings of boredom with love and the quarrels of social networking, packing in a garage band aura of gritty yet polished sounds.  By steering clear of the oft-embraced mainstream alternative scene, they drop chords and verses that would sit comfortably on any Explosion or Bronx album.  The surfer-beach-burnout of ‘No Sweat’ begins with Weezer crunch guitars and Diamond Youth vocals, capturing grunge like vibes and harmonies that could have Kurt turning in his grave. What they do really well, is transitioning modern take downs back into the much missed garage format, almost as if they’re performaing in private, their sounds feel fresh and raw.  No more so than on ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘Baudelaire’, which is all about singer Harry George Johns vocals densely swamping the music.

Closing with the self-beat down of a title track’ that’s not as tormenting as the title would imply, the chorus “I will be wrong and you will be right” might make Brawlers feel like crap, but the melody will be plastered on the listener’s brain for days.  Infectious and infusing, Brawlers haven’t found their five minutes of fame – they might just have found their fifteen minutes. Here’s hoping their full length will show a bit more self-worth. (8)



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