wolveslikeusWOLVES LIKE US – ‘Black Soul Choir’
(Out March 4th on Prosthetic Records)
DEBUT LP ‘LATE LOVE’ FROM OSLO’s WOLVES LIKE US was a scalding spurt of righteous fury that nestled very nicely within the bosom of post-hardcore fuelled Alt-Rock theatre.  A praiseworthy first effort that coupled with an incendiary live show, served to make this quartet prime contenders in the bloody fist-fight that is the modern day music scene.  Its follow up Black Soul Choir is not only one of the best album titles we’ve heard so far this year, it should see them vaulting swiftly over the backs of their contemporaries to the front of the scrum.

Having toured with the likes of Kvelertak and hardcore legends Swing Kids, this crew are clearly right on top of their game, even if the material is dark and the atmosphere deeply somber, much like Planes Mistaken For Stars’ exceptional ’06 release ‘Mercy’.  The original anger is still very much present, Larsh Kristensen’s vocals to the fore, vast and powerful in an effort to convey the murky emotions of ‘Three Poisons’ and ‘When Will We Ever Sleep’.  First single ‘Your Word Is Law’ and ‘We Were Blood’ hold an inner strength – all driving riffs, harmonious rythmns and thunderus percussion – the band attempting to scupper any comparison with balls to the wall Rock that’s uncompromising, riddled with pain and disquiet yet perfectly precise in all its execution.

The lyrics dissect guilt, insecurity, losing a loved one and the injustice of the music industry.  And as the closing albatross ‘Thanatos Wins Again’ throws the final epic punch, the realisation that Black Soul Choir won’t win friends in high places is glaringly obvious.  But don’t let that put you off, because listening to it isn’t just an unparalleled pleasure, for those who like to dig deep into their own introspection, it’s an artistic duty. (9)




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