BBS Whippoorwill sleeve awBLACKBERRY SMOKE – The Whippoorwill
(Out Now on Earache)
IF YOU DON’T SPEAK WITH A SOUTHERN ACCENT ALREADY, you will by the end of the new album from Blackberry Smoke, out now on Earache Records. It’s not so much the originality of the music as it is the unapologetic-bonafide-down home quality that makes the band’s third full-length release, The Whippoorwill, so unique. Not to mention the expert musicianship. The album is back-to-back knock out tunes with the perfect mix of backcountry sacrilege and sentimentality to warm any whiskey drinkin’ Southerner’s heart.

In the sexy “Six Ways to Sunday”, speaking in tongues is no longer just for the snake handling Pentecostal Church. And although the insanely catchy “Everybody Knows She’s Mine” is slightly reminiscent of the New Orleans infused blues tunes of singer songwriter Anders Osborne, Blackberry Smoke don’t sing about no froufrou Cajun junk. With these guys it’s all about the good ol’ Georgia pines. And man does it come out in their playing.

The lonesome, aching blues of the title track make you feel like you’re staring out through the rain from the rickety front porch of an old saloon, with nothing left to do but drink up. Simply put – for those who pine for vintage heartfelt Southern-style Rock wthout a fake veneer, The Whippoorwill should be the drop of choice. (9)



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