thaliazedekTHALIA ZEDEK BAND – ‘Six’
(Out Feb 24th on Thrill Jockey)
THALIA ZEDEK IS ON THE RISE. AGAIN.  Following a flurry of activity – including a re-release with 90’s band Come and a U.S. tour promoting her 2013 full-length release Via – comes SIX, the upcoming mini-album. Hitting the streets just before the band embarks on what will be their most extensive European tour in six years, it’s a soulful send off for the artist. The opening moments are awash in the gut-wrenching fuzz of the electric guitar and the raw emotional outpour of Zedek, who fearlessly carves out her own sonic territory somewhere between alt-country and noise pop. This raw, fearless quality flows throughout SIX, coming to a head on “Afloat”, a desperately intense song, whose slow rolling guitar drone provides the perfect ambient for Zedek’s gripping Patti Smith-meets-Nico vocals.  Her lyrics are slow and drawn out, steeped in poetic melancholy, but their effect is immediate, her voice a welcome shot to the veins, warming the bones of your own naked fragility. The Jesus references and touches of pedal steel aren’t the only thing that intertwines her new music with the alt-country genre. Her cover of “Flathand” turns the classic Freakwater song into a nostalgic daydream of an era when pseudo-religious analogies often masked the more non-descript subject matter in songs -“Holy Mary, hold the phone, I want a little baby that’s all my own. Hold the line, hold me tight, I got a hole in my arm and I can’t get it right.” A superb rendition and climax to a forcefully emotional ride of a mini album that’s up there with the rest of her work; well worth the listen.  (8)

Thalia Zedekphoto credit – Tamara Bonn



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