throwdownTHROWDOWN – ‘Intolerance’
(Out Now on eOne Music)
UNLESS YOU’RE DEF LEPPARD then taking nearly five years between albums can be risky, especially when you have a back catalogue filled with genre-defining classics. Throwdown are back to meet the challenge and lay waste to all before them with Intolerance… see if they can resurrect the glory of Sirius XM staples such as This Continuum and The Scythe.

A natural progression from predecessor Deathless, Throwdown again work their magic adding an unexpected depth to the brutal cuts found littered all over this record, despite nearly all of them clocking in around 2 minutes. “Fight or Die,” “Avow,” “Hardened by Consequence” and “Defend with Violence” are startlingly direct commands to take up arms against adversity, to find strength to carry on. Dave Peters’ Anselmo-like vocal prominent throughout amongst the furious riffage. They add a further dimension by venturing into the doomier ground explored on earlier efforts, expanding them even further – notably on standout track ‘Biorn’ and ‘Burried Alone’. Clearly the band have set out to wake fans from their slumber, providing the kick-in-the-ass they’ve come to expect from the urgent force of the material discovered at Ozzfest and Vans Warped Tour.

After so much time off you’d be forgiven for thinking Throwdown might have mellowed in their attack, but coming in at well under 30-minutes Intolerance is a brutal, neck-snapping affair – there are no ballads here, just a fire breathing, groove ridden monster that hits hard and keeps the punches coming.  Fans of Pantera, Crowbar and Sepultura will lap it up, in no small part to the rabid work of long-time Producer Zeuss.  For the un-initiated it may take a few more rounds and blocks in the ring before it becomes bearable.  Exhausting stuff!  (7)



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