montepittman‘THE POWER OF THREE’
(Out Now on Metal Blade)
WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A GUITARIST who’s played for such distinctly divergent acts as Madonna and New York metallers ProngTen tracks of routine pop with barely an audible riff?  Or ten tracks repleat with discernable thrash steeped in the rich history of 70’s and 80’s Hard Rock?  Pittman’s roots are buried deep under Metal’s tree of life so like any good pro, he’s headed back from whence he came for solo outing number four, thankfully.

The Power of Three benefits from Pittman’s axe mastery and Ozzy-hued vocal, astride classic song structures and hooks that punch home way harder than the usual bad-boy snarl.  Take ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ which opens with the sort of riff-thrashery you’re only likely to hear on the latest Slayer re-issues, or the 90’s infused ‘On My Mind’ which hides in the shadows before burning the house down with a killer chorus.  With each vocal and six-string transition Pittman shows a versatility that can’t be taught, constructing simple points of entry that bring an accumulation of killer cuts into the light.  Like ‘Blood Hungry Thirst’, ‘Everything’s Undone’ and ‘Away From Here’ which might just teach Alice In Chains a thing or two about the phrase ‘less is more’.

With Flemming Rasmussem of Master of Puppets fame twiddling the knobs, there are more than a few early ‘tallica rythmic signatures that may prove divisive.  But when it sounds so representative yet so modernised, who gives a shit?  (8)



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