LITTLE CAN BE MORE EXCITING IN CREATIVE TERMS than a happy accident; the glorious moment of convergence when the right notes or ideas fall into place, with an unexpectedly positive result that you couldn’t have planned for. So goes the story behind the evolution of VIVID NATION’s rather expansive rock sound. “There wasn’t a particular sound we aimed for; we all just felt compelled to create, and this sound was the result,” recalls vocalist/ guitarist Rhys Taylor; “It’s large, progressive, powerful and atmospheric, and yet still accessible to a wider audience. But, we know we are only at the very beginning of crafting and building on it all as a whole.”

This “very beginning” is the Kent quartet’s debut mini-album Open Your Mind, a remarkably accomplished outing that belies the band’s artistic infancy and puts them head and shoulders above many of their would-be peers. “We wanted to allow the E.P to define where we’re headed with our songwriting, to show the aspects we are going to be building on as a band as we evolve and progress,” notes Taylor, who is joined in VIVID NATION by guitarist Luke Welch, drummer James Flury and bassist Jason Dean; “Obviously, subconsciously we draw on our own musical influences when writing. But, a lot of our influences have a unique sound, so I guess that once you pull those little pieces from each musical joist together you end up with our spin on things.”

First single & video Policy offered a taste of Open Your Mind, released on December 2nd, 2013, its immense swathes of guitar melody and plaintive vocal refrains evoking the expert likes of Moving Mountains, Longview, Young Guns and latter day Thrice.

Ones to watch, for sure



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