rottingoutROTTING OUT – ‘The Wrong Way’
Punched, kicked, beaten, bruised and broken; are just some of the things that you will be metaphorically feeling after listening to Rotting Out’s brutally raw third album and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how you literally felt, if you went to one of their gigs.  But if getting smashed in the mouth is the worst thing to happen to you, you might consider yourself lucky, considering The Wrong Way contains tracks such as Stab, Blade of Rust and The Shoot Out.  Potentially infected knife wounds and bullet ridden torsos aside, Rotting Out provide a West Coast street-fighting soundtrack that will gang vocal you into submission.  Their style is neither innovative nor unique and could easily be a Sick Of It All album from 20 years ago, but what they lack in invention they more than make up for in uncooked viciousness.  Their straight-forward directness is reflected in their song composition.  There are no intricate Dragonforce riffs or solos, in fact, there are no solos. That would be far too profligate for this undeviating gang of five.  Their game plan is drawn up around rapid power chord simplicity and speedily picked rhythms overlapped by hardcore, top of the range vocals.  Such is the lack of anything even remotely high pitched in the six-string section that you would be forgiven for thinking their guitarists were missing their top two strings (à la Max Cavalera).  It’s only on ‘The Three Of Us’ that a couple of unwound D’Addarios can be heard and even this sounds decadent in the context of the rest of the album.  The only downside is that, due to this unshakable focus, all the tracks do sound very similar.  Only final track ‘Bangarang’ allows you to take a breath and wipe some of that sweat off your face. Despite this, there’s something very right about The Wrong Way.  (8)



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