killchaosKILL CHAOS – ‘PromisesPromises’
The most assuring facet of Kill Chaos’ new album PromisesPromises is their commitment to creating honorable choruses.  90’s industrial rock starter ‘Boy Done Good’ isn’t the perfect beginning, but The Offspring inspired chorus has enough meat on it to keep listener drooling for more.  Its follow up ‘Crush’ is high melodrama, but what is so frustrating about this beginning, is that it doesn’t contain the albums best two tracks: ‘Falling Down’ and ‘Futures.’  The former resembles a darker Foo Fighters, filled with uplifting melodies and downtrodden lyrics, while the latter could be a raging opener for any Alt-Rock album.  ‘Got a New Drug’ has the band back in that Korn conundrum, developing more power through its vocal refrains than its recycled nu metal riffs.  ‘We Came Here to Die’ is almost dead weight divinely resurrected by a vivacious chorus, and the verses of ‘Satellite’ start off unsettling, eventually breaking into a consoling melodic remedy.  With the harmonious ‘Politics,’ Kill Chaos tears off the husk of Korn and moves into the humbling alternative-emo shell of Jimmy Eat World.  With the aid of a prolific vocal ‘Make Yourself a Smaller Target’ transforms a generic bass riff into innovative ecstasy and could easily appear on Bleed American.  But Kill Chaos’ post-emo act is short lived, as ‘Ok on the O.K’ offers a thrash-metal outro that annihilates any hope for radio rotation.   ‘Company of One’ however has the superiority to gain the band international appeal and even during their weaker songs, Kill Chaos show no disarray or panic. That’s promising enough. (7)



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