isolationprocessTHE ISOLATION PROCESS – ‘The Isolation Process’
Imagine, if Depeche Mode ditched their synths and went Metal.  Imagine, if Dave Gahan joined Alice In Chains and you’d have a pretty good idea what makes this Swedish three-piece so special.  Comprising former members of bands such as Come Sleep and Lingua, The Isolation Process’ self titled debut is a stunningly dense combination of Metal moods and textures that’s way above its peers.  Completely absent of the racked screams and growls that render modern Metal so proposterously adolescent, instead layered in powerful progressive grooves with hair raising vocal meloncholy that’s unashamedly diverse and completely immersive.  And yeah, it aint out here for another month, but it hits Scandinavia on Dec 12th so we couldn’t help but let you in on the enormity of this band and their debut release.  Too often in modern Metal we’re reaching for the stop button as soon as the vocal kicks in.  What makes this album so great is that it stacks pile driving riffery with an effortless vocal that channels raw emotion with fragile intricacy and dark musical compositions; akin to Deftones, or Katatonia.  Take opener and first single ‘A Simple Gesture’, which grinds along a tar thick groove before Thomas Henrikkson’s consumate tones drag the listener to freedom, only to be bettered by ‘Visions’ in which his barritone again dominates.  It’s a rarity these days to hear a Metal album so dark and menacing, delivered with such perfect tone and range.  So much so we guarantee you’ll be singing out the choruses after one listen; bare chested, fists in the air.  ‘Victims Of The Masses’ and ‘The Dead End’ are vast, sprawling super-structures that reak of urban decay and boss a burning skyline, while nine-minute closer ‘Nothing To Collect’ draws an epic conclusion to what can only be described as a lesson in accessible and meaningful Metal.  We’re going to pretend we’re in Sweden when we say that The Isolation Process is one of the best albums of 2013, and probably 2014. Exceptional stuff!  (10)


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