deathremainsDEATH REMAINS – ‘Stand. Fight. Believe’
When two of your bandmates drown on your first foreign tour, you can be forgiven for deciding that a career change might be in order.  But not Vocalist Barry O’Connor and Axeman Marc Yacas of Death Remains, who after some understandable time out, recruited three new band mates, changed their name from After Death and started over. In the three years since forming, these Londoners have toured extensively and self-released an EP, but in Stand. Fight. Believe. we’ve finally got the long  awaited first album via In At The Deep End records.  The opening title track immediately serves notice on what to expect – crunching riffs astride some catchy melodies, overlaid with a familiar Hardcore vocal style that occassionally slips into more traditional rock territory.  There’s more “chuggah” on this album than a Railway Yard! Opener aside, highlights are ‘The Northern Lights’ which features some funky timing, ‘Blood Brothers’ which will undoubtedly become a firm fan favourite with it’s rousing chorus. But the undoubted high point is the penultimate track, ‘Innocence’ which unlike the full throttle tirade of the other cuts, has a subtle build-up before erupting into a volcanic explosion of devastating riffing and unapologetic energy.  It shows a welcome, yet different dimension to the songwriting talents of this band.  There is an air or resilience about Work. Sleep. Repeat., a kinda “you can knock me down but I’ll just get up again” which, is obviously the drive behind their intentions here.  But sadly it doesn’t take long to feel a little bit too generic – the musicianship is sharp with some serious riff-work, but it fails to excite enough to convince they’re here to stay.  It should be lapped up by Hardcore nuts, but will be of little interest to anyone else. (6)


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