mojofuryMOJO FURY – ‘The Difference Between’
This is only Mojo Fury’s second studio release, but they are by no means newcomers.  Since ’04 they’ve churned out three EPs before their full length debut in ’11. Prior to Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus, multi-tasking singer Michael Mormecha was also the drummer. His Phil Collins-esque transformation in ’09 paved the way for Andrew Kearton to bang the skins whilst he concentrated on being the all-important frontman.  So does ‘The Difference Between’ count as that difficult second album or the fifth effort from seasoned professionals? Unfortunately, it sounds more like the former. The album doesn’t start well; ‘Safe in the Arms’ is too turgid to kick off anything by a band with ‘Fury’ in the title. In fact the ‘fury’ never really rears its head throughout and the ‘mojo’ hides like a non-descript face in a ‘Where’s Wally?’ book. Only briefly re-appearing, for ‘All in Awe’ with a low-key piano riff, before quickly retreating behind an acronym, for ‘MBBM’. If you look hard enough you might find a little fury on the title track, but you want fury to punch you in the face, not play hide and seek.  The album is kitted out with the usual heavy guitar and distorted synthesizer sound, which is so common these days it’s almost expected from modern ‘alternative rock’ bands. Ironically, the difference between this album and those offered by other bands of this genre, is that there is none. There is nothing unique or bespoke about the sound and little semblance to a melody or tune worth recalling. ‘The Difference Between’ goes to show that it’s easy to write an album, it’s just hard to write a good one. (4)




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