future of the leftFUTURE OF THE LEFT – ‘How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident’
Future of the Left bring alternative rock to a whole new aesthetic with their latest release How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident. Though the term “alternative” is abstract and FOTL strive at being Kandinsky artists that re-imagine the alternative rock canvas. The opener ‘Bread, Cheese, Bow and Arrow’ crawls in with a White Stripe guitar hook and Jack White faux-southern snarls. A melody miraculously emerges at 3 minutes in, as the last 30 seconds are the most enjoyable aspect. Picking up momentum, ‘Johnny Borrell Afterlife’ is a testimony to Oingo Boingo’s ‘Ain’t This The Life?’ as experimental rock meets ska, while ‘Future Child Embarrassment Matrix’ has singer Andy Falkous mimicking the vocalist from Billy Talent by sporting a high-pitched yell. FOTL show their diversity on ‘The Male Gaze’, a surfer tune comparable to Wavves. The most bizarre moment is ‘Singing of The Bonesaws’, which acts as a narrative interlude that takes a minor rip at Kim Kardashian and vaguely sounds like the Halloween hit ‘The Monster Mash’. ‘French Lessons’ uncorks 90’s emo and is a mellow mantra filled with snare drum clicks and resounding bass guitar buzzes. ‘She Gets Passed Around’ has Falkous sounding more like a distasteful cartoon character than a rock singer, enticing the listener to ditch the track all together. The band delve into their post 70’s and 80’s guise, as ‘Something Happened’ is a lingering David Bowie track and ‘Donny of The Decks’ is a Misfits and The Clash configuration. How To Stop…is cemented in a cliché: their artistic appeal truly in the eyes of the beholder. For some the canvas is inspiring. For others, it’s a piece to confound and confuse. (5)


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