This bold production, directed by Kii Arens and Jason Trucco and designed and developed by Darknet, re-imagines the classic music video in the context of a virtual art installation distinguished by horror, weird beauty, and surrealism, and pushes the boundaries of creative expression. More than that, Joshua Homme and the band’s commanding performance is simply not to be missed.

Directors Arens and Trucco commented on co-creating the “Vampyre…” experience with the Queens: “Working on this Queens video was the ultimate artistic joyride. Joshua Homme and company gave us the creative keys to the car from word go… and Josh has a badass car. Vampyre is such a thick track… On the technology side, Darknet was the perfect forward-thinking company to push the boundaries of music video presentation. All art is technology, technology that shares an experience or an idea. Vampyre uses all the tools available to us today to share a meaningful common experience. We’re so proud to be a part of the best rock album in a decade. Long live The Queens!”

In addition to the tri-level interactive video, Arens and Trucco have a offered up a Director’s Cut incorporating elements of all three visual stagings:

“The Vampyre Of Time And Memory,” produced by The Creators Project, is another milestone in a banner year for Queens Of The Stone Age. From the jaw-dropping Boneface animated videos that heralded the release of the band’s international #1 album ‘…Like Clockwork’ (Matador) to the still-going largest tour in Queens’ history–upcoming gigs include a two-night stand at London’s Wembley Arena and a December 14 headline at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center–2013 has been marked by one triumph after another for the band whose music The New York Times has hailed as “about a man at the border of life and death, with everything at stake, and that’s exactly how it sounds.”

In addition, tomorrow sees the release of …..Like Cologne, a three-track EP exclusive to Spotify featuring unique live takes on three QOTSA classics including Vampyre of Time & Memory. …Like Cologne was recorded September 4 at the Kulturkirche in Cologne, Germany.

Also, on November 29, we can all give thanks for the …Like Clockwork BLACK-ON-BLACK Black Friday Edition: a limited edition high quality black vinyl pressing of the “mini epic” (PEOPLE) “soundtrack to the B movie of your dreams” (AP) in a blacker sleeve with yet blacker glossy print. The Darth Vader of the vinyl world, only meaner.

Finally, more reason for thanks: Queens Of The Stone Age have submitted to popular demand and extended the life of the …Like Clockwork global touring juggernaut yet again:


20/11 – MEN Arena – Manchester

21/11 – NIA – Birmingham

22/11 – Wembley Arena – London

23/11 – Wembley Arena – London



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