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Jeff Martin is a founding member of Irish band Halfset, who have released two albums to date, the acclaimed debut Dramanalog and Another Way of Being There – the latter being The Irish Independent’s ‘Irish Album of the Year’ and a Choice Music Prize nominee (The Choice Music Prize is the Irish equivalent of The Mercuries).

Jeff has also released three solo records under his own name, Still, Spoons and Spoons Remixes/Collaborations. The remix album saw musicians rework their chosen tracks, contributors include David Pajo (Slint, PapaM), Mice Parade, The High Llamas, John Parish (PJ Harvey) & Minotaur Shock. This release gained Jeff US distribution. To date he has opened up for Lambchop, Tortoise, The National, David Grubbs and The High Llamas to name a few.  He’s also played live guitar for acclaimed Irish songwriter Adrian Crowley as part of his touring band.

The Ocean From The River is Jeff’s first release under the Ghost Maps name. The 13 track album was written and arranged by Jeff over a 12 month period, and was recorded in Dublin and Chicago. The Ocean From The River features long-time collaborator John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake) on drums and a guest piano appearance from Tony Crow (Lambchop).

The emphasis is on real instrumentation, with virtually no electronics, sequencing or programming. The result is rich and organic tones throughout the album. Intimate guitar and voice songs contrast with panoramic full-band tracks, occasional brass flourishes and textured string arrangements.  Drawn from various musical genres, The Ocean From The River is a diverse piece of work – complex, multifaceted, and one that reveals a new layer with each listen.


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