lights&motion_saveLIGHTS & MOTION – ‘Save Your Heart’
Save Your Heart, the sophomore album from the freakishly talented, Swedish multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer Christoffer Franzen, is out on Deep Elm Records just a few short months after his heavily lauded debut album, out in January of this year. Reflecting on how he hears music in colours, Franzen states that he wanted Save Your Heart to be “more of a blueish or violet colour in terms of sonic identity” whereas his first release Reanimation “had more of a yellowish tone”. While that may be left to the imagination for now, there’s one thing that is clear: if he is as he describes – a painter of sound – than he is undoubtedly an abstract-expressionist. The brilliant hues he incorporates, the unexpected dynamic shifts, the organic and at times otherworldly, shapes and textures he employs all cast him comfortably in that role. There’s an undeniable cinematic quality in all he conveys, based on the rather simplistic intuition that any one of his songs would fit perfectly into a film soundtrack. The common denominator here is the innate feeling of movement; ever forward (think: thoughtful flashback montage, a long sequence in a moving car, or epic-sounding end credits). As an instrumental piece with only a single accent of vocals on the whole album, the listener must imagine the plot that accompanies each song. And each song definitely has one. Take opener “Heartbeats”, which describes the protagonist on the brink of turning his life around – the moment when the action he’s about to undertake will change the direction of his life forever. It’s a no regrets kind of song. In fact, this is a no regrets kind of album that sets a spacey, reflective and melancholy mood which for the most part, is an up-beat and triumphant soundtrack for the soul-searchers among us; powering through change and all that life can throw at us.  Once again, well done sir.  (8)



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