tidesfromnebulaTIDES FROM NEBULA – ‘Eternal Movement’
Polish instrumental post-rockers Tides From Nebula know their way around the cosmos.  Drawing on their own inner beliefs on existence, consciousness and identity, their latest studio album sees the band characterising the energy of life and movement.  Through colourful and dense layers of guitar and synth they focus the blurred lines drawn by their contemporaries, adding deft embellishments and a shimmering edge not usually associated with their Central European origins.  Although merely adding to the swelling pool of analogous groups, their take on all things in a microcosm is engaging and intelligent, using simple song structures to create a myriad of awakening and heartrending tracks that are bold and durable.  Taking the familiar passages of Pelican and layering them with the creeping atmospherics of Mogwai, ‘Laughter of the Gods’, ‘Hollow Lights’ and ‘Up From Eden’ are multi-hued and genuinely textured with a wide-eyed, giddy aplomb that’s beyond most of the western world.  It’s an age old adage that a band needs to think a little differently to engage in this space.  Sans vocal is a risky approach, yet these abstract expressionists are way above the tide line when it comes to absorbing instrumentation.  To use their words – “Full of hope and light”.  Eternal Movement for spotless minds!.  (8)



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