The Swedish-based alternative metal band featuring former members of Lingua and Come Sleep will release its self-titled debut album on December 12th in Scandinavia via Version Studio Records (Aoria, A Swarm of the Sun). A worldwide release is scheduled for next year, on January 10th.

Check the new track ‘A Simple Gesture’

The song is also available on iTunes at the following location

Produced, recorded and mixed by Michael Nordström (Switch Opens, Lingua, Jesaiah) together with the band, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Khoma), “The Isolation Process” is a vast and varied musical piece that covers a wide range of moods and textures. Moments of fragile intricacy and frail emotiveness contrast nicely against powerful progressive grooves, echoing such diverse influences as Deftones, Katatonia, Callisto and Crowbar.




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