As momentum picks up ahead of the release of sophomore album A Little Blood (Nov 4th) THE WHYBIRDS have revealed the video for their next single, The Crow’s Caw

The Crow’s Caw is the second single to be taken from the album. Singer / drummer, Luke Tuchscherer comments;

“The Crow’s Caw started life as a finger-picked folk song, kind of like a Townes Van Zandt-meets-Tom Waits thing. It’s one of those songs that – without giving too much away – was written during a very dark time in my own life. In fact, the song became so personal, I had to make the odd adjustment to the lyric so it would read like a character song in order to distance myself from it, in case I was being too honest.

For the band arrangement, we kept the Tom Waits thing in mind, and added a little Grinderman-style Nick Cave to the mix. It’s a song that no one else had heard until we got to the studio and it’s the only song we’ve recorded even remotely in that fashion.

And for the first time, we actually made a video. We’d always taken a bit of an anti-video stance before, and looking back I can’t really think of a reason for why we did that! I think we just had to wait for the time to be right, there wasn’t really much of an agenda or anything. We were just sceptical I suppose.”



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