“Finally… something riotous enough to hold by your side and run amok with.” This Is Fake DIY

“filth-crusted and deranged punk rock, constantly in the red and constantly in danger of falling to bits.” Crack In The Road

“… a rousing roar and rough riffs ploughing into hardy drums.” The 405

“… the band’s music is characterised by volume, ideas and brevity. Especially brevity.” Clash

Neon Windbreaker are an outrageously exciting Toronto five piece treading the spidery line between noise-rock abandon and melodic structure. Having formed in the spring of 2010, they have played across Canada and the United States alongside Pissed Jeans, Do Make Say Think, Male Bonding, DD/MM/YYYY, Monotonix, This Will Destroy You and many more.

Their new EP New Sky is five tracks long and clocks in at under seven and half minutes long. A frantic burst of uninhibited creativity, the tracks are chaotic and unpredictable without being needlessly abrasive or obtuse.

The track ‘Pink Suit’ is accompanied by a nauseating DIY video that can be viewed here.

Recorded by Alex Bonefant (METZ/Crystal Castles), the EP was released on October 28th through Canada’s We Are Busy Bodies, which has previously released the likes of METZ, DD/MM/YYYY, Japanther, AIDS Wolf, Odonis Odonis and Doldrums.

Neon Windbreaker will play their debut UK shows from this October.

29th October – London @ Birthdays w/ Blacklisters TICKETS

30th October – Brighton @ The Hope w/ Moth & Claw Marks TICKETS

1st November – London @ Old Blue Last w/ Charlie Boyeur and the Voyeurs & Temple Songs



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