crowdburnCROWDBURN – ‘Ignition’
Another month and another Swedish Metal Album – maybe it’s all the dark nights but Scandinavia seems to be a hotbed of metal and one band of the moment is Crowdburn.  Their new long-player arrives to the clamor of a slavering cult following and has already garnered an impressive amount of attention from metalheads everywhere, including a combined 500,000 views for their two supporting videos on YouTube.  Let’s get straight to the high points – ‘Alligator’, which launches complete with a Halford-esque scream followed up by thunderous riffing….and occasionally cheesy tempo changes.  ‘Burning Crowd’ is a more serious assault which threatens to destroy all speakers and sub-woofers with it’s tough-guy vocal contrasting accutely with more melodic choruses.  Another stand-out, ‘Sign Away Your Life’ yields slower melodic parts to contrast the frequent balls to the wall all out thrash attack.  Proceedings are a little predictable but well played, a touch over-produced and flawed by rock bottom low-point ‘A Solid Harbour in a Lonely Sea’ – far from being their “Stairway” moment it sounds at best like a Spinal Tap cast off.  If you have the MP3’s delete track ten!  Now 9 tracks, Crowdburn’s debut is a solid hybrid of pretty much everything metal-heads with love.  Elements of Pantera, Priest, Anthrax and pretty much any late-eighties/ early-nineties act that you can think of immediately spring to mind; even some modern day Slipknot.  Don’t forget to add every rock cliché imaginable (including backwards messaging on ‘Fire in the Hole’). It’s nothing new or mould breakingstuff but it is pretty damn good.  It’s just one track too long!!  (7)


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