courtesy dropCOURTESY DROP – ‘Songs To Drive To; Cry, and Make Love To’
Creating an impressionable album title can be essential towards gaining attention. For Nashville’s Courtesy Drop, Songs To Drive To; Cry, and Make Love To creates three distinct elements for listeners to closely interpret and explore.  As autumn concludes, the album functions well as a period piece by bringing a sense of closure to fall’s decaying foliage. The cover of the album appropriately, a snapshot of a broken-down car in a forest filled with dead leaves.  Courtesy Drop welcomes the cold weather through chilling lyrics and a late 90’s early emo sound.  They’re hobos from a by-gone era; the refrain on ‘Goodbye, Fairlane Drive’ – “This house is not a home, it’s just a place to sleep,” is as coldhearted as it is sincere.  ‘Dormant Dreams’ is musically comparable to Balance and Composure and Texas is The Reason, as the words, “On the day that I die, they’ll have nothing to put on my tombstone,” are remorseful and unnerving.  The album emerges from an alternative rock terrain, with deep seeded roots in post-hardcore and indie soil.  ‘Stranger Than Friction’ and ‘Science is a Liar Sometimes’ take the distorted power chords and yelling approach, as ‘Fork In The Road’ creates a murky melodic overcast like Brand New’s ‘Tautou.’  The instrumental ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toe’ is an experimental endeavor, as the guitars drift in the gusty winds of My Bloody Valentine.  ‘Truck Jamz Vol. 1’ is the most defining song, perfectly summarizing the album’s three core elements. The acoustic tone perfect for a quiet, lonely night drive, holding back tears or longing for intimacy.  Courtesy Drop have produced an accomplished album that fills in the shapes and lines drawn by its title.  Only the masses will decide how personal it can be.  (7)



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