New York art-rock band SNOWFLAKE

to release debut album,

We All Grow Toward The Sea, December 10th!


Listen to first single ‘Hurricane’:

Snowflake is the brainchild of renowned producer/mixer D. James Goodwin.

In 2012, after a decade of innovative work with artists like Kaki King, Murder by Death, Bobby, Norah Jones,The Bravery and Devo, Goodwin began work on his own project—a collection of songs that grew from a seed to a forest, from a spot of rain into a hurricane; a project of grand vision and atmosphere.

Holed up in The Isokon, his own studio in the Catskills, Goodwin wrote and recorded the entire debut LP by himself, not another soul in sight.

Combining the dynamic tension of bands like Mogwai, with the size and shape of Pink Floyd, Snowflake is not a quiet journey; Snowflake is art-rock at its darkest, its most sophisticated and its most explosive…in technicolor.

Known for his irreverent approach toward recording, Goodwin bore down through late 2012 with his collection of strange and unusual implements and in early 2013 he completed a debut LP entitled We All Grow Toward The Sea, a nine song collection chronicling the deep confusions and pressures of modern life; a concept record without dogma; a cinematic display of pop sensibility with volume and scope.

With the debut LP complete, Goodwin has assembled Snowflake into live form, recruiting masterminds Ryan Ross Smith (Stars Like Fleas), Josh Benash (Kiss Kiss), Eli Walker (Natalie Merchant), and James Bertini (Sticklips).

Following the official release of We All Grow Toward The Sea, the band will be touring in support beginning in early 2014, combining cinema and sound in an artfully conceived performance of the entire record, from east coast to west.

 photo credit: Monik Geisel



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