morcheebaMORCHEEBA – ‘Head Up High’
Cards on the table, this is the first Morcheeba offering I’ve listened to since Big Calm.  For me that was an iconic 90’s album, consumed over and over, mostly in a haze of some kind of fog or other. Trip hop beats with bullseye vocals and lyrics, often the album of choice to soundtrack most days.  There’s no particular reason why I haven’t listened to them since, I just haven’t.  So I was kind of excited to be given their new release Head up High to review; a trip down memory lane could just be what’s required.  They don;t disappoint as I’m hooked from the intro of ‘Gimme Your Love’, squelching synth mixed with the nodding bpm, floating vocals and vibing guitar; they’re back in the game!  Theres something about the pace of Skye Edwards vocals that just works for me, cant put my finger on it, and ‘Face of Danger’ hits the bullseye again with effortless pop-eas, despite the slightly uncomfortable rap.  ‘Under the Ice’ is etherial, sweet and crisp; gliding along their enjoyment factor.  Its interesting to dip back into a group after a long self served hiatus, often rewarding with flashbacks of the good and bad.  Tracks like ‘I’ll Fall Apart’ prove the point – carving an unexpected departure from the fondness of their earlier work.  Only momentarily though and we’re straight back into line with ‘Make Believer’, a real bouncer that takes us on that trip from fantasy to fever; as always expertly produced with no empty spaces anywhere.  Morcheeba have always sounded distinctive and they’ve lost none of their smooth style in delivering a top drawer Trip-Pop product.  Head Up High keeps pushing the right buttons, feeling bang up to date, not resting on any laurels and for anyone new to their sound, this is a perfect point of entry.  We need Morcheeba in this world!  (9)




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