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Any musician worth their salt can tell you that hurdles and adversity are as much of a part of life in a young band as fun and excitement. Arguably, for most bands there is more rough than smooth; after all, ‘blood, sweat and tears’ aren’t exactly ingredients for the smoothest cocktail. But, where the challenges of living and breathing your art might render many deflated and listless, the best bands let the struggle shape them, channeling their experiences into creativity, crafting a path to better days through what they do best.

Kent quintet Hildamay belong firmly in this latter category, emerging from the end of a turbulent year with brand new single, ‘Drag’, a track which marks the band’s finest musical hour to date. “When we were writing these new songs we were all experiencing some tough times,” recalls vocalist Tim Lawrence; “We chose to release ‘Drag’ first as it was the song that summed up best where we were all at mentally. It definitely shows a different side to us, and showcases an overview of what to expect from us next.”

Downbeat and soaked through with thick guitars and churning, melancholic vocal refrains, ‘Drag’ sees Hildamay – completed by bassist Ollie James Jeffs, guitarists Chris Carvell and Sean Keane and drummer Tom Spencer – on top of their game, expanding on the rougher edges showcased on 2012’s debut full length ‘Miles Away’. “These new songs are more about transition than regret,” Tim explains; “It’s all about us making changes and moving forward.”

Recorded with Oz Craggs (Mallory Knox, Gallows, Feed The Rhino) at Hidden Track Studios, ‘Drag’ will be released as a free download on October 21st along with a twisty music video that matches the track’s exploration of the darker side.

“It’s not all doom and gloom,” notes Tim; “We are really excited about people hearing this next phase!”

See Hildamay on tour with Belgian sludge mob Steak Number Eight:

November 1st – The Anvil, Bournemouth

November 2nd – The Ivy, Sheerness

November 3rd – Underworld, London

November 4th – Boileroom, Guildford

Novermber 5th – Bodega, Nottingham

November 6th – Classic Grand, Glasgow

November 7th – Zero Alt Club (Kalinka Bar), Middlesborough

November 8th – Underground, Stoke




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