morethanconquerorsMORE THAN CONQUERORS – ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’
If More Than Conquerors keep on making music as impressive as their debut album, they will certainly avoid the dreaded “sophomore slump.”  It’s a beyond devious curse, but this band is crafted enough as musicians to ward off any disheartening spells. During the intro to ‘All That We Can,’ the innocent vocals of singer Kris Platt instantly surge forward and reign supreme.  Although similar to Nate Ruess from fun., Platt’s guitar tones place the band at the heavier end and ‘Pits of Old’ is a perfect blend of punk and alternative rock; a sound very comparable to past acts on Triple Crown Records.  ‘Smoke, Trees, Lungs, Knees’ is Neon Trees meets Circa Survive; the ending guitar hook complimenting the stature of a metal band, rather than an indie rock group.  MTC doesn’t get too carried away experimenting with heavy breakdowns, ‘Amounts To Nothing’ could easily appear on a Paramore album and be the coolest track on there.  Platt’s best lyrical effort comes on ‘Jaw’ as he belts “Everybody seems so scared of heading to an early grave.” Listeners will get so caught up singing along that they will forget the sorrowful context of the melody.  ‘When the Well Runs Dry’ is the album’s engine, while ‘Bring Me to the Blood Bank’ is a chilling acoustic tribute to The Smith’s ‘Back to the Old House.’  If there was any indication of MTC slowing down, ‘Temper’ takes off like a Formula 1 speedster, racing through to their most prevailing chorus (and possibly their finest song), in the final cut ‘Hearth & Home.’  The most notable aspect of ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’ is in it’s simplicity -it’s just so damn good.  Maybe they were trying to prove themselves, but they need not worry.  Hopefully their best tricks are yet to be revealed.  (9)




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