the red paintingsTHE RED PAINTINGS – ‘The Revolution Is Never Coming’
Goddam! We nearly let this one pass us by.  What a crime that would’ve been.  Australia’s The Red Paintings are described as orchestral art-rock.  We tend to agree but would probably add ‘unique’ and ‘dazzling’ to that classification.  This crew know how to put on a show and their debut has been six years in the making, it’s over 70 mins long and has blown a huge budget to be one of the most extravagent and cinematic albums you’re likely to hear all year.  Mixing elements of Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Arcade Fire, even a touch of Tool in there, this band have achieved what most search for in a lifetime – an album that’s diverse, edgy, colourful and emotionally dynamic from start to finish.  There’s some serious work gone into this and their appeal can only be huge as a result.  Reaching across a myriad of genres The Revolution… should speak to baroque-pop steam-punks, metal heads, indie rockers, prog stylists and alt-folkers the world over; it’s that expansive, that contemporary, that significant.  Granted there’s a palpable pomposity and pretension that occassionally amazes; but only occassionally.  There are cinematic operas on here that will sweep you up in a whirlwind of bows, strings, guitars and grandeur, if you allow them.  From the opening lament of ‘Vampires Are Chasing Me’ to the sweeping orchestration of ‘Deleted Romantic’ and ‘Rain’, The Red Paintings have taken a blank canvas and created a magic eye masterpiece, that’s as enthralling as it is bold and daringly complex.  Way above their antipodean peers and destined to look down on us all, we urge you to climb aboard this ride to the stratosphere and not look back.  (9)



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