tyrTYR – ‘Valkyria’
Hailing from the Faroe Islands and it’s inescapable Viking past, Tyr return with their seventh full length steeped in buccaneering heritage and marauding concepts.  Telling the tale of an anonymous warrior destined for Valhalla, TYR have often been described as Folk Metal and there’s no doubting their unabashed use of cultural and historical influences.  From the opening bars of ‘Blood of Heroes’ their metal roots come to the fore.  Clearly they’re fans of Maiden, Priest et al, their importance shining through each track on offer – in fact Valkyria could sit comfortably alongside the 80’s creations of their forefathers.  Tightly executed with a faint whiff of cheesiness it has its flaws – and perhaps more worryingly some god-awful lyrics (Iron Will, Warrior Still, Set us free) – the chorus of ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ could grace a karaoke sing-along.  The production also spoils things, pushing the vocal way up front and losing the weight of a clearly accomplished rythmn section.  Such is the way of the album as a whole, they resort to covers  – actually standing out as easily the best tracks on offer, which speaks volumes.  TYR appear to have some of the elements required for classic metal transmissions, but Valkyria is a frustrating album.  Sadly haunted by their own attempts at authenticity they’re rendered unconvincing, which impacts believability and ultimately listening satisfaction.  (6)



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