crocodilesCROCODILES – ‘Crimes of Passion’
Album Number four from Crocodiles takes the form of Crimes of Passion and the warhol’esque cover promises much. This San Diego outfit came together in 2008 and they don’t shy away from throwing in a few curve balls into the sound mix.  First things first, don’t bother with this on your crappy old apple bud headphones with some latte-swilling number cruncher invading your space.  This is an album to be played loud, hard and intoxicated to fully appreciate the strung out phsycadelia within.  The cat is straight out of the bag with ‘I like it in the Dark’, a trip back to the 90’s with gospel style backing, melodic piano, storming guitar and a reverbed vocal; this one could cross over to the mainstream no problem!  There’s even a little bit of space talk at the end, I’ve been mad for fucking years…  ‘Cockroach’ is a belter before they throw back their floppy quiffs and tie-dye as ‘Heavy Metal Clouds harks back to the days of Neds Atomic Dustbin and Jesus and the Mary Chain.  ‘Tear Drop Guitar’, boom! If only life was as cool as a rock & roll album, maybe that’s what’s keeps us coming back for more.  The crime within Crimes of Passion is that it may have peaked too early. as we get into tracks like ‘Me and My Machine Gun’ and ‘Gimme Some Annihilation’, whilst more than adequate in their own right, fail to make their mark.  Things start to get a little generic, but by no means in the doldrums as ‘Virgin’ ruffles a few feathers without really shaking things up, and we finish up on ‘Un Chant D’Amour’ which is a real wind down.  A solid piece of swagger all in all and one with more than a sprinkling of that magic dust called rock n roll; be sure to give it a whirl.  (7)



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