sebadohSEBADOH – ‘Defend Yourself’
Sebadoh were last recording in the studio back in ’99.  On The Sebadoh they struck Indie-Rock gold with enduring and catchy cuts that still serve as their best work to date.  Not since ’94s Bakesale though have they self produced and with Defend Yourself, they’re back chancing and romancing with self-worth and grunge-lite virility to recall the warm glow of those early lo-fi recordings.  Stylistically its almost exact, which was always their strategy – keeping themselves to themselves, with no outside intervention – singer Lou Barlow has re-grouped his crusty companions to align to their past and fine-tune their future.  And largely it has the desired effect, with homely guitar strums, upbeat drumming and Barlow’s sleepy if comparable vocal meditations, Defend Yourself is this year’s best piece of nostalgia.  ‘I Will’, ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Can’t Depend’ are flushed with a 90’s chemistry too absent in the modern day, while ‘Final Days’ is as gutsy and gallant as they’ve been since It’s All You or Flame.  There’s an assiduous nature to their work that’s both welcome and winning; almost esteemed.  As ‘Let It Out’ and ‘Listen’ inch towards the finish line with sedative simplicity, its apparant Sebadoh are long lost friends; back to make us realise everything else is far too convoluted for its own good.  Good work dudes, an authentic and gratifying return.  (8)



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