toucheamoureTOUCHE AMORE – ‘Is Survived By’
With their new release Is Survived By, Touche Amore hop on a vessel and voyage between the distant territories of hardcore and alternative music.  The band must have frequent flyer miles, because their journey back and forth is relatively habitual.  Producer Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Sunny Day Real Estate) leaves imprints of 90’s alternative fingerprints throughout every track. Kicking off with ‘Just Exist’ which has a Pumpkin’s guitar and drum feel that rips through like an F-5 storm.  ‘To Write Content’ is an extension of that theme, sporting indie guitar riffs over Jeremy Bolm’s charismatic yelps.  The album isn’t quite as fuming as the band’s 2011 release, instead catering towards more endearing guitar work by emo acts such as Sense Field and Further Seems Forever.  ‘DNA’ is the closest return to their old form, featuring one of the most distinctive heavier riffs on the album.  ‘Harbor’ begins restful, but quickly gains momentum like an unavoidable tidal wave; the line “If I’m going down with you, then you are going down with me” destined to ignite impassioned sing-a-longs.  Bolm’s lyrics are the navigation to the album’s landing strip, delivered through tracks like ‘Social Caterpillar’ which is a commentary on insecurity; a track that could find a spot on Give Up The Ghost’s final record.  ‘Non Fiction’ is once again a tribute to Wood’s producer resume, as Bolm’s poetry rightfully steers the music home.  The album is ceremoniously wrapped up by the title track which could serve better as an opener, instead providing a surprise left hook rather than a final knockout blow.  Though the terrains of hardcore and alternative may seem vast, Touche Amore effectively avoid the jetlag associated with their peers.  It might be time to expand their horizons.  (7)




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