avengedsevenfoldAVENGED SEVENFOLD – ‘Hail to the King’
Avenged Sevenfold (or ‘A7X’ as they are known to their friends, or ‘Angel is a Centrefold’ to those who have mis-heard) have been doing this type of thing since last century and it’s starting to show.  ‘Hail to the King’ has an unintentional retro vibe that sometimes borders on the cheesy, which is not necessarily a bad thing if you like your metal with a slice of Camembert.  The whole album is filled with thundering drums, intricately picked riffs and Mr Shadows’ powerful vocal that provides the main ingredient for that cheddary tang.  Far from being ashamed of it though, Avenged Sevenfold seem to embrace this image with big tattooed arms; even their logo is a skull with wings protruding from it – very ‘metal’.  ‘Hail to the King’ is a better than average effort at mainstream metal but most of the songs sound like a slightly poorer imitation of something you’ve heard before.  ‘Doing Time’ contains a brilliant attempt at a modern Axl Rose impression, while ‘Heretic’ has Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction riff-then-vocal-then-riff formula and ‘Coming Home’ is Iron Maiden in their heyday.  It all smacks slightly of a sub-par compilation album whilst the original classics sit comfortably on your shelves.  Why buy a knock-off Rolex if you already have the real thing on your wrist?  This probably isn’t going to make any difference to album sales though when you consider that A7X’s fans won the 2012 ‘Golden God Award’ for ‘Most Dedicated Fans’ (you can recognise them by their winged-skull tattoos and imitation watches).  That said, you can’t help but tap the steering wheel and play air guitar to Hail To The King and this might sound corny, but that seems very appropriate given the soundtrack.  (7)




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