Two years on from the band’s acclaimed debut album, Totem Bells, Cambridge Alt-Rock quartet Twelve Clay Feet return with a video for their brand new single – Hailstones. Shot on the north Norfolk coast by director Mark Pickering, it is the first single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming album More Naked Than Obscene and is designed to evoke thoughts of a post-apocalyptic world while developing the song’s story of a desolate character. Described as ‘a band without restrictions or limitations’ by Classic Rock magazine, guitarist and singer Ian Jeffs’ says of the song;

”When I first brought the bare bones of the tune into the rock room, (the garage we rehearse in) and the guys started doing their thing, it immediately felt like a keeper. After getting into the studio it didn’t take long to work out we had the single. We were recording in Fraser Smith’s converted chapel studio, which was the perfect place to capture the spaciousness of the song. Musically, Hailstones represents what we’re all about as a band; energy, passion and big songs. When people talk to me about the lyrics everyone seems to take slightly different things from it, which I really like. There’s a story and images in there, but it’s great when you feel like people can make it personal to them.

More Naked Than Obscene takes classic rock lines and structures to leverage Jeffs inmitable howl.  Dark and dense with pacey riffs and choruses that will lodge in the memory banks, its destined to set the bar in 2013

Hailstones is out now on Kiln Records.



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